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Have you ever thought or asked yourself how much clean air do we need to survive? Or do we still think of the free fresh air?

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Professional Air Duct Cleaning

Pause for a little while and ask yourself about the necessity of fresh clean air. Well I am pretty sure you have got 100’s of reason to answer. But is it enough just to ask? Or we need to take a step ahead? Yes the “action” is what I am talking about.

Air pollution has reached it’s zenith causing grievous ill effect on every living thing around us. With the extended pollution in our surrounded. It is reported that there is a high rate diseases round the globe due to the increasing air pollution.

Clean air is essential for living. Whether internal or external. Due to high pollution we fail to clean up the external air. Well, indoor pollution is now a concern.Researchers proves that internal air pollution is prominent for the major usage of heating and cooling system. The increased visibility of indoor air pollution has brought a dynamic change in our life style. Air pollution have reportedly caused many irreversible damages to our health, 40% of heart diseases and stroke is a leading result caused by air pollution.And Lungs Cancer getting prominent along with acute Lower respiratory infection in children.

Air duct cleaning is commonly referred to the pollution caused by the ducts of heating or cooling system or apparatus. Such as grilles and diffusers,heat exchanger,fan motor and others.

If these gadgets are not been properly maintained, or operated or installed they can cause air contamination. Dust, dirt particles, debris are all contaminators. If somehow moistened,then these places become inhabitants for thousands of microbodies like moulds and algae. These usually cause allergies and infection.

To handle this you need our professionals. Friendswood Carpet Cleaning Pros uses special tools to clean and dislodged the air duct. And then gradually vacuum then with ten times stronger vacuum cleaner.

Then further a chemical biocomponent treatment is applied on the effected area. Sealant or encapsulation is done to hinder further growth of the mini microbes.
These anti contaminating solutions are only applied after a proper cleaning.

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Air Duct Cleaning Services

Some Of The Visible Reasons That Can Cause Serious Issues Are As Follows-

a) If you find the mould growth inside the hard surface area of your duct or cooling or heating system.

b) Rotten insects can be a strong reason to go for a air duct cleaning.

c) Good amount of dust and debris visible from the foundation of your system. This can cause be a reason for air borne disease.

What customers expect from us?

1) Opening and inspecting up the system to clean up the dust and dirt.
2) To have a proper inspection of the system with proper care of not effecting or disturbing the asbestos of the system,for that is not our job.
3) Cleaning along with the special vacuum,(HEPA)high- efficiency particle air vacuum.
4) Protecting the furnished good of your home.
5) well bristled brush and a ( HEPA )vacuum to deep clean the lodges and dirt. And others.

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