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Sanitization treatment is an increasing essential operation for maintaining the health and security of the surrounding. Sanitization is highly in demand because of the ongoing necessity.

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Professional Sanitizing Treatment

Sanitizing and disinfecting is a crucial step for keeping your premises and the population safe from illness and communicable diseases.

Sanitization treatment involves three steps. They are cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting.

1) Cleaning is all about removable of unnecessary dirt and dust from the surface area with the help of detergents. 2) Sanitizing is basically application of concentrate solution to keep the surface safe from germs and bacteria’s. 3) Disinfecting is regarded as the application of solution that paralyses the virus, bacteria and germs from the surface.

Surface disinfection is a procedure to clean and control pest,fungus, bacteria and viruses.

Proper sanitization begins after the Cleaning of the surface area. Sanitization treatment encourages the utility of concentrated solution that are sprayed and mopped on the surface. A good amount of liquid is spread and then given a proper dwelling time to get settled on the floor or area for it to work effectively. This results in killing the germs, pathogens and making the strong viruses paralysed.

Disinfectants should be regularly applied on restrooms, washrooms,guestroom,kitchen and the premises where there is a large traffic.

Disinfectants work efficiently on materials,area, floors and others.Disinfectant is not effective on lenin. Thus Lenin is treated with sanitization. The food-contact surfaces,toy used by the Children are usually sanitzed. As disinfectants are hard and stronger in nature in compared to sanitizers. Sanitizers are least harsh on areas applied.

Disinfectants should be applied following the instructions given along with it or on the label. The consistency of the solution should be taken care off. Some disinfectants are quite effective enough when diluted. Where as some are others are applied directly from the sprayer. High attention should be given on the dilution and the dwelling hour.

Sanitization treatment is usually done on children’s toys. The surface of a furniture or a substance is been wiped dipping a cotton pad.

The kitchen sink,utensils like dishes,spoons,knifes and other kitchenware, are dipped inside the sanitizing solution. And then kept on the rack.

Specific areas like hospitals,schools, offices, industries should be taken off. Application of disinfectants should be carried out regularly.

Places with high traffic or high touch areas should never be overlooked. In order to maintain safety and to prevent infection, certain things should be taken care off.

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Sanitizing Treatment

Special care should be taken off light switches,door knobs, handles, staircase railing etc are some of them.

Routine cleaning along with the application of disinfectant will keep the area safe for the public. Frequent handwashing, wearing mask, and disposal gloves are used by our team members.

Our sanitation treatment is done by our professionals.With proper knowledge and experience our experts resolve all your sanitization issues,their work is based on the following steps-

Planning, implementation, maintenance and revision.

Planning to disinfect the premises-planning should be done before application.Disinfectants solutions should be regularly applied on the outdoor surfaces where there is public traffic. Special attention should be given on areas frequently touched. Availability of the cleaning equipment should be there for carrying the treatment. Protection, precautions and personal care should be taken by the cleaners themselves for their own protection and safety.

Implementation of the disinfectants- disinfectants should be applied after the cleaning is done. Disinfectant label or instruction catalog are read before application. Be cautious and keep it away from small children or else can cause serious hazard.

Maintenance should be carried out. Proper regular sanitization treatment maintains the safety of the premises. Prior cleaning should be done with the help of detergent and water. Later disinfectants to be applied. Clean and safe practice is always encouraged. Regular sanitization with proper dwelling time is an essential part of sanitizing.

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