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 Our professional are expert and experienced on all types of sensitive fabrics and materials like carpets and rugs, and upholstery.Where as they are never the less incase of cleaning tiles and grouts,or in commercial cleaning.

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Professional Carpet Cleaning

Our team is well organized and particular about the services provided. These are questions often asked by our customers. Here are our answers.

How Do We Determine Our Rates?

We are a project based rate company and we try to be upfront about our prices.  

Do we complete Background Checks?  

We are considered as one of the reputed cleaning company in Friendswood.Thus a complete background checking of our responsibility.

Are We Insured and Bonded?

Yes! Our company carries a liability insurance. We take responsibility for any kind of loss by our staff, but have never had a claim.

Do We Bring Our Cleaning Supplies?

Yes! If you are not satisfied, we can avoid using if you provide us with a substitute.

What Other Services Do We Provide?

Please check out our website for other services we provide, such as tile/grout, air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and pressure washing.  

You can read the reviews and testimonials of our potential customers. Punctual and reliable services along with friendly and well mannered technicians.

Our Booking is Easy and Affordable.


Please call us or fill in the contact information for a free quote!  There are various modes of payment, whether online or offline. 

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About Us

Why Choose Us?

Apart from being a carpet cleaning company. We provide other services like upholstery cleaning, tiles and grout cleaning, commercial cleaning and even sanitization treatment. There are various factors why customers choose us!

Cleaning is not only our job, but most of us here enjoy cleaning. Cleaning for you not only gives you 100% satisfaction but us as well.

Experienced technicians are highly recommended and demanded. Friendswood carpet cleaning pros has got the best experts in Texas.

We have all the advance services for Cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, shampoo cleaning, or surface cleaning. Nothing stops us, unless we are content with the result.

We provide complete information of the fabric or work we will be doing with the cost prior to starting off with the work.
We provide 24/7 services, with prompt response.

All our technicians are professional and always ready to understand and fix your worries.

They just don’t clean and remove dirt and microorganisms, but also give a complete guideline and maintenance along with do’s and don’t’s.  A totally complete solution to all your worries.

We provide value for money as we know each individual is worried about his/her budget and where and how to spend hard-earned dollars. You won’t regret hiring us.

A proven track record is available for every technician. Our staffs are trained over-and-over again with the upgrading cleaning gadgets.


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Management is one of the vital ingredient when it comes to certain project. Effective management can never be overlooked. All the team members are reliable with highest quality services. 24/7 available at your door according to your convenience and requirement. 


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