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You must have heard it before, that “Cleanliness is the Hallmark of perfect standards and the best quality inspector is the conscience.” So let not your conscience sleep when it comes to cleaning your office.

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Professional  Commercial Cleaning

Your office is your professional identity. Don’t let the thrash around ruin your personality. By keeping your surroundings untidy you make a hole in the entire presentation in front of your guest, whether it’s a formal meeting or a business party. The cobwebs on the wall and the dirt on the floor can bring it down to vain. Let not the hallmark of your standard get in danger.

Your office is vital for it is the premises where you earn your bread and butter. Your everyday finance and transaction begins at your office. So it is essential for you to make impression on your client, property, and keep your employees on task. It is the responsibility of your employee to organize there own premises but when it comes to cleaning the thrash of the surrounding.They would miserably fail. So here comes our job. Friendswood Carpet Cleaning Pros is available 24/7 for your assistance.

It is your duty to look around your belongings to find out whether the storefront or the reception is clean or not? Is your office ready to receive surprise or sudden clients and guests? If not then you can easily contact us. Our commercial cleaners are expert from mopping to vacuuming, dusting or waxing floor, sanitizing the office. Cleanliness creates a positive impact on your customers. Making them feel like home is one of your goal.

Further you should acknowledge the necessity of cleaning your floor, eating space, bathroom and other. These are included in routine cleaning. Frequent cleaning involves dusting the technologies, machines, windows and doors,walls etc.

Various detergent solution are used in cleaning including other handy tools like mops, broom, buckets etc these are usually provided by the company or can be asked to carry from the service incharge. If you have other requirements you can contact our team to meet your needs.

Methods Involved In Cleaning Your Commercial Zone

There are variety of instruments, techniques and methods involved in cleaning. Commercial properties or offices are cleaned on a daily bases including the tiles, floors, internal walls, furnitures, lights, ceiling, window,food canteen, bathrooms etc. Hot water extraction is done in every 1 or 2 year.

There is a scope for outside commercial cleaning as well. By cleaning the litters around the office property or graffitis on the outside wall.

The amount spend on commercial cleaning work depends upon how much you are ready to spend on your cleaning. The commercial cleaning company provides a checklist for you to add on the premises you want to clean. If you don’t have a check list for your company then you can definitely choose our. Our target is the keep you and your employees surrounded by positive energy. Cleaning up your office keeps you feel fresh and it’s a great day to begin with.


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Commercial Cleaning Services

The priority cleaning list includes the reception as the first area of inspection. An organised reception gives a professional impression.Making it more welcoming to the customers and employee. This makes each individual more productive resulting morr profit for your company.

Some of the works that involves the cleaning are as follows-

a) Emptying the dustbin and washing it regularly with adding a new liner inside.
b) Cleaning the floor.
c) vacuuming the carpet and rug.
d) collecting garbages and disposing off.
e) Cleaning and dusting the desk,chairs,table and other furnitures.
f) Sanitizing.
g) making sure that everything is clean and organized.
h) mopping the tiles and floors.
i) Cleaning the cobweb and walls.

We also focus on the ill effect of an uncleaned bathroom which is the home for small bacteria’s and germs.Spreading disease and infection to the staffs.It is essential to keep the washroom clean to avoid bad odor and germs from the office. Along with washroom one should also focus on Cleaning the kitchen and the canteen.

Important Features Of Our Commercial Cleaning Service

With proper sanitization for the betterment of your office staff keeping them fit and healthy. that will indirectly positively effect your company somewhere or the other.

1) Cleaning the elevator and stairs. 2) removing trash bins and washing them clean along with changing there liner. 3) replacing the hand towel. 4) cleaning the sink and wiping and polishing the mirrors. 5) filling and wiping the handwash bottles,hand drier, tissue paper etc back to its place. 6) proper sanitization of the floors of your office, washroom and canteen. 7) routine sanitization of all the commodes and urinals.


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